The GAFCON Primates meeting in Sydney

Last week (29th April – 2nd May) the GAFCON primates meet in Syndey. This was exciting for because amongst their other business they were discussing whether to recognise the new Extra-Provincial Diocese (EPD) in New Zealand as authentically Anglican. We have been looking to put together a constitution and canons (laws) about how the EPD will be governed. Our inaugural synod where we will adopt the Constitution and Canons and elect our own Bishop will take place on the 17th – 18th May here in Christchurch.

The GAFCON primates released a communique on the 6th May. It is well worth reading in full and can be found here

The relevant part for us is –

New Zealand
With the Anglican Church of Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia’s recent General Synod decision to permit the blessing of same-sex marriages and civil unions we give thanks for the individuals and churches that have remained faithful and courageous in these islands. We support those who, in good conscience, feel unable to remain within a Church that has made such a decision. We affirmed their creating a new diocese and recognised them as authentically Anglican. This new diocese will keep them within the Anglican Communion and they will relate directly to Gafcon. We also affirmed the consecration of a new bishop to oversee and support the new diocese. 

We want to thank God for the fellowship, encouragement and help that GAFCON has been able to offer us in the last year.

Another item of interest was an interview of Archbishops Foley Beach and Benjamin Kwashi by a Sydney Minister Dominic Steel. You can listen to it or watch is at The Pastors Heart. Next week an interview with Jay Behan will be available on the same website.

Lisa and I were greatly encouraged by both the communique and the interview and we trust you will be as well.

God Bless


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